All in a week’s work

It’s been a busy week.  I teach in the Bible school at 8am.  Fortunately Sahel (the kids’ school) is close to the bible school/church.  I drop them at 7:20.  Anyone who knows me very well, knows that for me to have kids ready and myself ready to leave the house by 6:55am is pretty close to miraculous.  Fortunately for me, (and probably others as well), I only have to do this 3 days/week.  No classes on Monday, and Thursday’s I teach at 10.  I’m teaching a combo class on children’s ministry (in the church), and training your children (in the home).  So many of the students are brand new believers – just out of the bondages of Islam.  That is an exciting thing, but it proves challenging when teaching.  You can’t just say ‘You remember how Moses was called as a child, saved from Pharoh’s slaughter of all boy babies?’  Because they don’t remember.  They don’t know those stories.  So teaching has to be adjusted.  Many of them are like children themselves.  But it’s a wonderful thing when you began to see them change.  That’s why Neal loves the Bible schools some much.  The results of discipleship are tangible! 

This past Monday night was the first meeting of a women’s Bible study I hesitantly decided to be a part of.  It’s a gathering of missionaries from all different churches and denominations.  I have heard Beth Moore before, but have never done one of her studies.  It’s a time committment as it’s at least 2 hours.   Before leaving everyone asked when I’d be back.  “I don’t know”, I said.  When I got back, everyone commented on how long I’d been gone.  I think I was surprised they noticed!  I wondered if during that time they missed some basic necessity – like food!  At any rate, I enjoyed Beth Moore, and I enjoyed the fellowship. 

The first Wednesday of every month, pastor’s wives meet for prayer.  This is open to any ministry/church.  Yesterday there were 13 of us.  It’s an interesting meeting as we communicate/pray in at least 3 and sometimes 4 different languages.  It’s a good opportunity for us to get to know leaders in other churches, and also for the women to be encouraged and to have a platform to give and receive counsel. 

We have been lacking children’s ministry in our 2 Niamey churches.  This afternoon, before picking the kids up from school, I met with the children’s workers to discuss a better strategy.  They all seemed to be on board and ready to move forward.  There are so many kids at both locations – in the area – not in the church.  But I believe we can draw them in.  So I’m praying that these workers will be diligent with what they have, so I can add more resources.  In the past I’ve given the resources and many times they go to waste as they don’t really get used.  I have told them to begin to pray for finances for children’s ministry resources, and to be faithful with what they have now.  I really have an expectation that we are going to have a great harvest of children!

Last night when putting Tobi to bed I told him tell me a story.  He’s really a very simple guy… 

“There were 3 pigs.  They went to church.  They each played a drum.  The first pigs’ drum broke.  The second pigs’ drum broke.  The 3rd pigs’ drum didn’t break.  The first pig fixed his drum with tape.  The 2nd pig didn’t fix his.  Their names were Henry, Ariel, and Ezekiel.” 

I think that sums up his life.  He goes to church, he plays the drum and he goes to school.  Except for Henry, (not sure where that name came from) the other names are kids in his class.  I’m also not sure why pigs were playing the drums. 

Right now Tobi is in bed (school night), Neal is preaching at church, Tanika went with him and will stay for choir practice after the service, Trae is at school with his friend – ‘his’ band is practicing.  So, I sit here alone, an untechnical person in an untechnical world trying to decide if I should face all the technical diffiulcties (more like exasperations – the kind that make you want to say things you shouldn’t) that are happening, (I’ll save those for another post – after they’re solved!)  or if I should do my Bible Study homework….  Which is called “Living Beyond Yourself”.  I think it’s a no-brainer.  I’m pretty beyond myself right now! 

2 thoughts on “All in a week’s work

  1. fierybones

    That techie stuff is a bear, isn’t it? So nice when everything “just works” and other times so non-obvious what to do next.
    I’m enjoying hearing about Tobi’s life as a drummer.

  2. Marcia

    Hey…wasn’t Henry the name of the tree at mom and dad’s that has a face on it and Tobi was talking to him?? No, wait…I think it was Harold.

    Love reading these things…if you weren’t a missionary, you could be an author. (Or how about both?)

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