Update on Sido – Pray!

I’ve written about Sido a few times.  He was saved about 2 months ago, just before our discipleship school started classes in January.  According to his testimony, after being witnessed to many months ago, he has been tortured in his mind and heart.  He had no peace from that point on.  He had dreams of someone telling him that even though he threw the Bible into the trash, it was God’s word and it was still alive.  He found our church and told the pastor he needs some relief.  He wanted to get saved.  Since then he has been a top student in our discipleship school.   He was living at home, but things got too difficult for him there so he moved into the dorm. 

 Last week, he received an email.  Apparently Sido has family in Australia.  Family that also recognizes he is a talented young man.  They have told him that he has to get out of the church right away.  They are planning on sending him about $3700 to start a business – as soon as he leaves the church.  And as if that wasn’t enough, if he doesn’t want to do a business here, they will send him to Europe. 

 I talked with Sido today after my class and told him I’d heard about the letter and was praying for him.  He thanked me and then said since he didn’t understand Hausa very well, he wanted to get an interpreter so he could tell me what was going on.   He finally said that when he got the letter – he really was confused at first.  But that he has made a decision that he will continue to follow Jesus and turn down the money.  Not an easy decsion, I can assure you.  Please pray for Sido whenever  you think of him.  He is a new believer and persecutions faced here are not easy.  I assured him today that many, many people are praying that he will have the strength and courage to make the right choices.  The hard choices.  And because of that, God will bless him abundantly.  God has a great plan for his life.  Thank you!  And Sido said to thank you!

2 thoughts on “Update on Sido – Pray!

  1. Alice

    We are praising God with you for this mans life and commitment. We understand what this means in his life. God is obviously wokring in this mans heart.

  2. Debby Stanke

    You can be sure that Denny and I will be praying for Sido. I am angry at the amount of money that is in the hands of the wicked, and not in the believers hands. We as Christains should be able to fund the ministry and Gods work way behond what we do. It is time that the body of Christ get ahold of what is rightfully ours (prosperity). I am believing that God will show Himself in a huge way to Sido for his faithfulness to God. He will be blessed in every area of His life, and this will show forth the faithful and greatness of the God that Sido serves.

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