Bible School

It’s been a good week at the Bible School.  I am enjoying my class on ‘training your children’.  So much of it is new to the students.  They have so many questions so I haven’t followed my notes very closely.  A couple days ago, I wanted to hear from them what they’ve learned and what they have found surprising.  Ben said that he has learned that our priorities should be God, family, work/ministry, & self – it that order.  He said he didn’t know that before.  Umaru said that he realized he hadn’t been showing any love to his children.  That he didn’t spend any time with them.  He said he has started to change that, and his kids have begun to notice.  I taught them that it’s important to teach our children to Word of God, and that they can begin memorizing at a very early age.  I use my own children as examples in my teaching, and mentioned how Tobi started memorizing years ago.  I told them his latest ‘feat’ was Psalm chapter 1.  I was amazed by their reaction – they acted like Tobi was some type of prodigy.  It was quite funny.  Psalm 1 is only 6 verses!  They asked if other children could do that too.  I asked how many of them had been to Koranic school.  More than half the class raised their hands.  Then I asked what they did in Koranic school.  I started to see smiles pop up all around.  They knew where I was going.  In Koranic school, they basically memorize Koranic phrases in Arabic – a language they don’t even understand.  I asked how old they were when they started.  Sido said he was 7.  “So”, I said, “can children memorize the Bible?”  They all began to laugh with realization.  The good thing, I explained was that the Word of God would not return void, so their efforts would produce much fruit!

Here is a picture of Sido for those of you praying for him.  Please continue!


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