Where do I start?

It has been exactly 1 month since my last post. And what a month it’s been! We’ve laughed, we’ve cried, we’ve counted it all joy, we’ve been frustrated, we’ve been angry, we’ve been scared, we’ve been lonely, we’ve been in pain, we’ve been happy, we’ve been tired, we’ve been amazed, but most of all we’ve been astounded by the faithfulness of our God. He is good and He never fails.

On April 29th I sent out an urgent prayer request concerning our daughter, Tanika. She was suffering with severe headaches and had significant vision loss. This continued to the point that with the advice of several doctors, we felt it necessary for her to have some tests done to find the cause. We contacted our insurance company and their medical team agreed so they began arrangements to evacuate us. Niger has no ability or doctors to do the exams needing to be done. The choice was made for Tanika and I to travel to Accra, Ghana. On Monday, May 5th, a plane flew from Accra to Niamey to pick us up. At this point Tanika had been having headaches for 2 weeks with no relief. She could basically see only movement and color. She had missed a week of school. The plane was accompanied by a flight crew of 4, a doctor and a paramedic. All for Tanika and I. It was quite a trip. She was hooked up to an IV and several other things to monitor her while in flight. It wasn’t first class, but she was lying down. We landed after a less than 3 hour flight and were taken by ambulance directly to the hospital where she was admitted and I was able to stay right with her in the room. Dr. Isaac kindly let me borrow his phone to call Neal and let him know we had arrived and were settled. At first I thought Neal’s excited voice was out of excitement to hear mine. Once he ascertained that we were in place he said these words to me. “Don’t freak out. He’s ok. Trae’s had an accident and he’s in the hospital. He broke his collarbone and is banged up.” At this point I’m just thinking that I’ve just seen him about 4 hours ago. And WHAT hospital? What hospital in Niger would I want my son in? And what happened? And I really am I’m working on not doing that freaking out thing. And wait a minute. I’m the one with the child that was medically evacuated. I can prove it. I’m standing right outside of her hospital room where all the doctors are around her. How could he have had an accident? This is not making sense. But what I said was “What happened”. You will just have to figure out for yourself how that actually sounded. The next thing Neal said was ‘He was hit by a truck’. At this point I began to realize two things. The enemy was seriously trying to discourage us by attacking our kids, and that God’s hand was definitely on them, and us. This became even more clear as I learned the details of the accident. He was on his motorbike getting ready to make a left turn. There was a taxi behind him that saw him and stopped. There was a truck (Neal described it to me as a Uhaul sized truck) behind the taxi that did not see Trae. He began to illegally pass the taxi as Trae was starting to make the turn. The truck hit Trae in the shoulder, ejecting him from the bike. Trae, realizing he was laying in a busy road, actually got up, took off his helmet and crossed to the other side and then realized that things were not right. He laid back down on the ground. Several people saw the accident and thankfully were there to testify to the police exactly what happened. The accident was officially ruled the fault of the truck driver. Trae doesn’t know anyone’s phone numbers in his head as they were all stored on his cell phone. He doesn’t have his cell phone anymore because it was stolen. But he remembered that he had the number of a friend from school written on his hand. Someone he plays soccer with saw him and stopped – and called his friend’s number. He was actually right by her house when he was hit – he was going there to return her ipod. Anyway, he called her and told her to call his Dad and tell him he had been hit by a truck. That’s what Esther did. She called Neal and basically said, “Trae needs you, he’s been hit by a truck”. Ya think? Then she told Neal where Trae was. Tobi was already in bed so Neal called his Mom and said something like “You need to come and stay with Tobi, Trae has been hit by a truck and I have to go and help him.” Grama and Grampa rush to our house and arrive just after Neal has left. Grampa met him at the ‘site’, as well as Pastor Moctar who helped take care of police stuff. Neal took Trae to the hospital where an xray confirmed a broken clavicle.

This all took place about 1 hour after Neal, Trae, and Tobi saw Tanika & I off at the airport.

To be continued…

One thought on “Where do I start?

  1. walnutshademom

    Someday you will have to compile your blog into a book. The whole thing reads like a made-for-TV movie. Even though I pretty much know the story, I’m eagerly awaiting installment #2.

    When Scott had his run-in with the police on the other side of the world, he told us what happened. It took 1.25 hours just for him to tell the story orally. I told him he should write it up, and I sure am glad he did. It took him forever to write it, but I’m so glad we have that copy now. The details get lost in our fuzzy brains. . . but then, we’re a lot OLDER than you – so surely your brain’s still crystal clear!

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