Another installment

Tanika wasn’t allowed any breakfast due to the upcoming CT scan, so I fasted with her. Unfortunately our ride didn’t come until 10:30. Traffic in Accra is atrocious but we were in an ambulance van and Alex, the paramedic that was on the plane with us, couldn’t resist using the siren to get though it. Tanika ended up having to lay down for the trip. We arrived at the specified location and were ready to get the test done with. What we were told is that they were sorry, but the machine broke down that morning. I must admit I felt like I was reaching my limit. This was, after all, the reason we came to Ghana. Specifically for this test. And we just wanted to go home. But again, I reminded myself that God is good and He was going to work this out for our good. Fortunately, Alex had some clout (as did we, as Americans) and the director came down and told us they were working on it. At one point they got it working for the neck down. We didn’t think Tanika needed to be scanned in any of those areas. They kept working on it. Finally, at around 3pm, the nurse walked out and said “you’re next”. As if we had just arrived and were waiting in line for our turn. I must admit that around 2pm, Alex convinced me to eat something small so I didn’t end up a patient. Tanika, trooper that she is, said she didn’t mind. Or maybe I thought that’s what her growling tummy was saying. She went in for the test and I had a great opportunity to share Tanika’s testimony with Alex. He’s from Peru, trained as a paramedic in Germany, working for this German Company in Ghana. He’s just a kid. 23. But really a nice guy. He actually started the conversation by telling me what a nice person Tanika was. He asked me lots of questions and I was basically able to share the Gospel with him. He smiled and nodded alot. Tanika was done about 40 minutes later and we were on our way. We realized that hospital lunch had long been digested, so Alex suggested we stop at the food court in the mall. In Ghana? A food court? It really was. We got chicken sandwiches and ice cream. That evening, our old/new friends picked us up at the hospital and brought us to their house for dinner. That’s when I was able to send my first email update. It was very encouraging to see for myself the prayers of our partners and friends. It’s hard to describe at a time like this what that really means. Back at the hospital, I read to Tanika from Matthew. All about the miracles Jesus did. And we found a consistent theme with many of them. It was because of the faith of the person in need of the miracle that Jesus healed them. “Your” faith has made you whole. I had really been feeling that Tanika needed to begin to take ownership or responsibility for her miracle. Ask God to really give her a revelation. A ‘know that she know’ moment. She was very aware of all the prayer going forth on her behalf, but now she needed to dig in her heels and believe for herself. We had our tea and went to bed. Back in Niger…. Talked to Neal throughout the day. He took Trae to see the Belgian bone doctor. That doctor looked at Trae and told them that he would need surgery. The xray he looked at the previous night was not a good one. He also said that although he could do the surgery, that he would not recommend us having it done in Niger. He didn’t trust the anesthesiologists or any of the other support staff. Infection risk was extremely high – particularly in this heat. So…we again contacted our insurance. They were not going to believe this! By we, I mean we. Both Neal and I were in touch with them – as they were looking into Ghana as well so they were communicating with Dr. Isaac – our Dr. Isaac. Donna, our missionary friend said the same thing about Ghana as the Belgian doc said about Niger. Support staff not likely up to par. And getting to Ghana on a commercial flight was kind of like getting to Kansas from New York via California. It only took us 3 hours on a direct private flight – but they weren’t considering that for Trae. So that’s what was in the works. Figuring out where Trae would be evacuated to. It was looking like Paris – as that is only a 5 hour commercial flight – direct. He was at home, and we talked several times – in between his busy visitor schedule. I still couldn’t believe that my son had been hit by a truck and I’d yet to see him. I continually reminded myself that God is good and victory is ours. More tomorrow.

One thought on “Another installment

  1. fierybones

    this is one of those “to be continued” cliffhanger endings. someone’s email said tanika’s eyesight was restored, but didn’t really mention how that happened. i’ll be watching google/reader to see your next installment!

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