Press Release

At approximately 2:30 am – Saturday morning, a Royal Air Moroc plane landed at the Niamey, Niger International Airport,  carrying 2 very important people – Rev. & Mrs. Ron & Jerry Childs. AKA Mom & Dad, Grama & Grampa; or Mommy & Daddy to hundreds, maybe even thousands of Africans.   They were arriving home following an unexpected extended stay in the United States.  Of course the plane was carrying additional passengers, but none as distinguished or precious as the aforementioned.  Neal & Danette Childs, along with their 9 year old son, Tobi were allowed inside the secured area to welcome them as they entered immigration.  The first face they saw was Tobi’s, whose ear to ear smile told all those around him how happy he was to have Grama & Grampa back where they belong.  A reliable source reported that when Tobi went to bed Saturday night he declared he would not be able to get to sleep because he was so excited about their return.

The joy didn’t end there.  All of their bags arrived in tact and even the customs officer seemed happy, as he allowed them through without opening a single bag.  Outside, grandkids Trae & Tanika were anxiously waiting their turn for a hug, together with a group of pastors and church members who were standing with welcoming arms.   It didn’t matter that it was the middle of the night.

Any bystander observing the small crowd would easily notice that Rev & Mrs. Childs were just as happy to see their extended family, as the family was to see them.

The group was seen circled, singing a song of praise to their God in the airport parking lot.  After a prayer of thanksgiving, the crowd dispersed and the Childs family returned to their home, right where they belong.

One thought on “Press Release

  1. Connie Weis

    I have been looking for this blog or an email to let me know that Ron and Jerry are home. How wonderful for everyone. I know they are as glad to be there as you all are to have them home. They remain in our prayers for strength and grace to continue this tremendous journey they have been on for their Lord Jesus Christ. Give them our best and hug them for us.
    Connie and Ken Weis

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