Miracle make-up brushes and razors

If you’ve ever wondered if God really cares about the small stuff, wonder no more.

We’ve been on the road for 4 months.  People often ask where we’re ‘based’ from.  Well, the best answer to that would be ‘our vehicle’.  If we stay in a place more than 2 or 3 nights, it’s a long time.  One of our least favorite things about it is packing and unpacking, and packing and unpacking.  You get the picture. Everything we need for our 6 month ‘trip’  is traveling with us.  And this time summer clothes only aren’t sufficient because we are here for some season changes (which I love!).  Suffice it to say, we have lots of bags.  It can almost be embarrassing!  And don’t get Neal started on my shoe bag…

We of course have a toiletry suitcase – yes, it’s a suitcase.  It’s a traveling vanity, really.  And I am 44 now, so it seems that more is required to keep me presentable.  Well this past week my razor broke (I’ve had it for several years and it literally broke) and my make-up brush fell apart.   I put it on my list of things to replace but haven’t gotten around to doing it yet.  In addition, I keep meaning to get a toiletry bag for Neal, because he’s been packing his stuff in a zip-loc bag.  It works, but it’s pretty dorky.  Haven’t done that yet either.

Why, you ask, is any of that significant?  Well here’s the miracle part of the story.  Yesterday, Neal had lunch with Brother Leonard and Jessie Ford, some very faithful partners of ours.  As seems to have become their custom when we see them every 2 years, they bless us with gifts for each family member.  I wasn’t at the lunch but Neal gave me my gift when he got home.  I couldn’t believe my eyes.  In my bag was a brand new razor, and packaged with that razor were 2 ‘bonus’ make-up brushes!!!!  How many people actually get a razor as a gift?  And have you ever seen make-up brushes packaged with razors?  Does Miss Jessie know how Spirit – led she was in her choices?  I can assure you that she had no idea what I needed.  It’s not like I go around telling people that I need a new razor.  For goodness sake I hadn’t even told God.  Also in my gift bag was a book by John Bevere – “Honor’s Reward”.  Just 2 weeks ago I ordered a few books on Amazon.  That was one of the books I had in my shopping cart, then we decided to wait on that one so I removed it.  Neal’s gift?  An Adidas toiletry kit, complete with some Adidas product.  I’m sure the gifts they have for the kids will be as much of a blessing to them.

What amazed me about all this, is that none of these things were things that I couldn’t have purchased for myself.  I could have gone to Wal-mart and bought these items.  But I firmly believe that God used Bro. Leonard and Jessie to give us those specific things, to remind us that if He can provide such ‘unessentials’ for us (though I guess a razor is pretty essential!) that He is more than able to provide us with the big stuff, with what seems impossible.  And if He knows our toiletry needs, He certainly knows the needs we have that will further His Kingdom!

I don’t know if miracles get any more personal than that!

8 thoughts on “Miracle make-up brushes and razors

  1. Tanika Childs

    YES ! God is waaaaaay cool (:

    He provides $ for our support every month .. (which is our life and ministry and calling..) and then also those “small things.”
    I love it how God works those little details in.
    He can bless us soo much, through little things.

    i miss u mom
    ❤ tanika

  2. What a beautiful message in this blog. God is just so way cool as Tanika said. He is just beyond all we can ask or think and is never early or late. But right on time. His love is so great that He thinks of things before we do and never gets tired of blessing us. There are no really good English words to use to describe him and all He is. He is way too cool for mere words.

    Thanks for sharing. It is a reminder to all of us just how much God cares about each one of us.

    Love you all bunches

  3. tina kravet

    i love this story. if you hadn’t gotten the razor i would have said God was preparing you for the cold winter and giving you fur to stay warm naturally–just joking. all the blogs are great and i look forward to your new entries. see you in feb. tina

  4. Jen McCrandall

    That is such a cute story!! I believe completely in God knowing our intricate thoughts & needs!! Isn’t it so cool how we sometimes don’t think he knows & he already placed it on someones heart! AWESOME GOD!! You are such a blessing & I love reading about your journey!

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