A Bug War

I did it!  I just finished reading my friend’s blog.  I faithfully read everything she writes,  however I was behind – several months behind (doesn’t sound very faithful, I know) and the reason I got so behind was because I didn’t want to read it out of order.  She is an amazing Mom and has an amazing family whom we know very well.  So I wanted to read things in the order in which they happened.  Which is why I couldn’t just look at the current day’s post.  I vow to do better now that I’m up to date with her family.

My birthday was last week and I decided that was a good reason to treat myself to some reading.  It took me 5 days  of both long and short reading sessions to catch up on her life since February.   But now that I’m finished, I’m left wanting more.  C’mon Patty!  Get writing!  Then today, I received a birthday card in the mail.  From Patty.  She is one of the very few people who still send us snail mail, and I don’t think she’s missed sending me a card in the 16 years we’ve been friends.   (In her defense, I’m sure she sent the card in plenty of time but we don’t check our P.O. box very often – so it could have been sitting in there for days.)  Actually, we never check the box.  Our mail gets delivered to us by one of the other members of the ministry that shares the box.  Anyway, it was a really sweet friendship/birthday card that I so appreciated – feels like she picked it out just for me.  On the bottom of it she wrote, ‘Now go update your blog!’  Since she was my inspiration for blog writing, that’s what I’m doing now.  For some fun, funny, inspirational reading, find her here:  http://www.walnutshademom.wordpress.com  (I can’t figure out how to put a link!)

I actually wrote this blog in my head, a few nights ago when it occurred.   At 3am.  We went to bed at our semi-normal time.  It was hot (nothing new there) but we had our AC on (nothing new there either).  The electricity was either off and on or having dips and surges (again, and unfortunately, nothing new).  When it does it’s dipping and surging, our lights dim then get bright, and our fans slow down and then speed up, sometimes to a frightening speed.  That’s all well and good (not really, but it’s the way it is), but a problem occurs when the power dips.  It causes our AC to exchange it’s cold, crisp air for warm, humid air.  When the room is anywhere between 85-90 degrees, that gets unpleasant in a hurry.   This particular night we were feeling quite hot, so drastic measures were in order.

When we moved into this house, our large bedroom was already fitted with an equally large AC.  It’s  a split unit – but a very old version so it is the ultimate power hog.  (Read: it’s very expensive to run).  But, it’s cold, and cold is good.

Here she is,  serving as a shelf of sorts for the carpet while the floor is swept.

This year, we decided that we would invest in a new split unit that was not as large (Read: not as cold but still does the job – usually).

Here’s the new-fangled version.  And check out the cute pictures of Tobi, Tanika & Trae displayed together with Neal’s ‘Vie Abondante’ hat collection.

The electrician guessed that the old one uses about 3x the electricity of the new one.  We’re not exactly sure of his estimate, but we do know that within 2-3 months we recovered our investment in the form of lower electric bills.   Another benefit of  A.C. Hog was that even with the electricity dancing all over the place, it stays strong – determined to deliver cold air to us no matter what.

Well, what with all the power issues drastic measures we did take.  We turned on A.C. Hog.  It didn’t take too long to cool the room down and in short order, we were asleep.

Then I woke up.  At first I wasn’t sure why.  That’s pretty normal for me.  I wake up and can’t figure out why I’m so uncomfortable – tossing and turning.  Then it dawns on me that I need to use the little girls room.  So, figuring that’s the reason I have awoken, off to visit the throne I go.  I tuck myself back  into bed (in my now cool room!) with the right half of me partly uncovered (I am afflicted with the ‘have to have 1 foot/leg outside the covers’ syndrome).   I begin to doze.  But alas I feel like something is tickling my leg.  I knew it wasn’t Neal, because he was peacefully snoring beside me.  I shake my leg in my drowsy state and begin to return to the land of  lala.  But once again – alas!  I now feel the tickle on my arm.  Understand that I’m not one to freak out at the sight of bugs.  I don’t particularly appreciate them, but try and scare me with a spider and you’ll be disappointed.  Rodents?  Now they’re another story.  But I digress.

I firmly swipe my arm to remove what may or may not be there and try and relax and return to REM.  But no.  Now I’m quite sure that something with a cellular system is taunting me.  So I turn on my reading light.  I can see nothing but I shake, swipe and brush for good measure.   Return to previous position and turn out the light.   However now I’m neither drowsy nor comfortable.  I’m going to get this guy (or girl, as the case may be).  I wait and sure enough the familiar tickle returns, this time on my right arm.  I slowly sit up and brush my arm – and though I didn’t catch him, I did feel him as I brushed him off.   This is war.  This required a real light – not just a reading lamp.  I switched on the light which is the first time a response was illicited from Neal during the whole episode.  He stopped snoring, looked at me with a very confused, somewhat annoyed look on his face and said ‘What’s going on’?  Then he went back to sleep, not to remember the incident until I reminded him about it 2 days later!

I was ready for battle.  I armed myself with a flip-flop, conveniently located next to my bed. Flip flops are always readily available at night as I learned long ago to never, ever walk around without at least some flip-flops on.  Especially at night.  In the dark.  Learned that the hard way when I stepped on a rather large cockroach in the dark on a regularly scheduled visit to the Lou.  I’m pretty sure he was asleep and was just as unhappy as I was.  Maybe more so – because though he was big, I was bigger.

Anyway, with light shining bright and flip flop in hand and at the ready, I spotted him.  Not easy since he was black.  Though I’d like to say he was 1 1/2″ long (like the cockroach), he was only about 1/2″ in length.    He was a beetle of some sort and I suspect he had wings, though I didn’t take time to examine him closely before sending him to his demise with my trusty rubber shoe.    As I think about it now, what a sight I must have made.  Battle ready in my P.J.’s at 3am.

I left him right where he lay, and returned to bed.  However, with all that excitement, sleep did not return til sometime after 5am.  But neither did Mr. Beetle.  I was going to include a picture, but I decided it wouldn’t be appreciated.

3 thoughts on “A Bug War

  1. Beverly

    Hi, I just wanted to say that your story on Aug 26th I think(sorry) was very inspiring. I’m so glad that you “continued” in spite of all the challenges along the way;.
    I’m a missionary with YWAM in South Africa..and this year have made 2 trips to Haiti which I did not blog..I can now see that blogging is important and makes the reader feel a part of your experiences.
    God has spoken to me through reading your stories..
    Thank you so much! and may you continue to blessed to be a blessing to the people of Niger..

    1. Beverly, Thank you so much. I am so blessed to know that the blog encouraged you. When you know God has called you to do something, don’t give up! God bless you and your ministry.

  2. Kari Hill

    Hey, Danette! So glad you GOT him! I hate that feeling, but thankfully don’t have it very often here. We did have a centipede in our livingroom recently though! I had to lift the couch so the girls could get at it! Now we’re going to use it for Kayla’s frog habitat box she has to make for school! Maybe you could use your big beetle for something too! Oh, and thanks for not sharing the pic – you’re always thinking of others! 😉

    PS Lindsay’s staying with us this week! She says, “Hey!” too!

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