Brief Blessing Update

Well, it’s been over 2 weeks since our drive through the dark African night to help one of our church families who had been in an accident.  Since I was reminded first hand what medical care here is like.  And since I wanted to give a piece of my mind to medical staff who had no idea the meaning of bedside manner, let alone compassion.

Blessing is doing well.  Here she is with her husband, Alloy.

I’ve been able to keep her supplied up to now with some strong pain meds that were left here by a medical time.  She is using them very sparingly, about 2 a day.  She has definitely had her ups and downs.   No information was forthcoming regarding her situation by any doctors so we did talk to some American docs from a new children’s hospital here.   They said the situation was one that may or may not require surgery, but would be hard to diagnose without the xrays.  We visited Blessing most days and one of those days, we arrived at the tail end of the docs that were doing what appeared to be ’rounds’, together with a doctor from Missouri!  Blessing said he had just talked with her and even prayed with her!  She was encouraged.  We were able to speak with him also, and at the same time meet Blessing’s doctor.  The American doc explained to us that yes, under different circumstances (translate – better facilities) that surgery would be preferred.  But he said that due to the difficult nature of the surgery, it was recommended that it not be done, but rather that traction would be used.  Here’s what that looks like.  Check out the pulley device with sandbag weights on the bottom – next to the cat.

They had to put a screw through her leg.  I know —  Ouch!  She told me when they were doing this she kept asking people to tell me to come and get her out of there.  The little injection bottles are there just to support the weight of the blanket when she’s covered up.   How’s that for recycling?!

The bottom line?  She’s been told she will have to be in the position for at least 45 days.  Not fun.  But, a much better option than surgery, in my opinion.  The doctor did tell us that she will definitely have arthritis in her hip.  So, now we know how to direct our prayers.

The church family has provided a good support system for the family – many pitching in to help in many ways.  The hospital does not provide food, so that has to be brought for her.  David and Tim, their children, are well and being cared for.

We visited Blessing today.  She’s working on keeping her spirits up.  She hasn’t moved from that bed or position in over 2 weeks.  I noticed the bed is on wheels and thought how easy it would be to just wheel it outside into the ‘courtyard’, just around the corner.  Sunshine would do wonders.  I was told that would not be possible.  I suggested she use her water bottle to exercise her arms and even do movements with her good leg.  I suspect not much of anything is being done in the way of P.T.  and I know her back is sore.  She talked about the accident again – how just before it happened she had been saying to her husband that she was going to testify first thing the next morning in church how God was with them as they made their way to and from Nigeria.  Then they hit a tanker truck.  She laughed and said how much bigger of a testimony she had now – that God spared her entire family.  Indeed He did.

I told her today that I wrote about the accident and that I knew many were praying for her.  She thanked me, and I know that was very encouraging for her to hear.  She understands the power of prayer.

So to those of you praying for Blessing and her family, they say thank you.  I say thank you too.

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