Blessing is Home!!

Since I know many people have been praying for Blessing, I wanted to send a quick update.  She’s home!  Though she’s been told she cannot walk at all for the next month, at least she can do her ‘not walking’ in her own home and not the scary place that is called a hospital.  As much as I love this country that I live in, I still have a hard time accepting what they call health care.  And anyone who stays there as long as Blessing did and comes out with a smile on their face deserves a gold medal.

I told her again how many of you were praying for her and she was greatly encouraged.  Last year, Blessing helped as an interpreter for Church of the King’s medical team.  The same group was here this past week.  Since she wasn’t able to help, the team went to her.  The docs brought her some pain meds and were in disbelief as to what she endured with no pain management.  In fact Dr. John, the vet on the team began to describe what is provided for dogs/animals in the way of pain management.  They feel nothing.  Blessing wasn’t given so much as a Tylenol.  On a scale of 1 to 10, apparently pelvic fracture pain is a 9 or 10.   This is where we can see the grace of God at work!  Fortunately, I had some pain meds that were leftover last year that she sparingly used.

Blessing is enjoying being at home where her husband and 2 little guys can take care of her.  David, 4, helps Mom by getting her water and bringing other things to her.

Here are Tanika, Tobi and I, with Blessing and her 2 boys, Tim and David.  She stays on a mattress on the floor in the living room.  Before we left with the team, were were all able to gather around her and pray.  She was so blessed and thankful.

Please continue to pray that this recovery time moves quickly – especially during this very hot season – and that healing in her bone continues.

On behalf of both Alloy and Blessing, Thank You!

5 thoughts on “Blessing is Home!!

  1. Connie Weis

    Thank you so much for the update. God is so good and His mercy and grace are new each day for Blessing. We praise him for total restoration and healing of her whole body. We thank Him that she came out of the “hospital” with no additional complications. Please give her our love and say we are rejoicing with her that she is home.

  2. Danette, I have been so touched by Blessing’s story. I’ve been in those hospitals….there have been days I’ve wondered if I can get through an entire visit while holding my breath. Indeed, to come out of there with a smile on her face is nothing but the grace of God.

    1. And you know that more than most! It’s no even possible to describe the conditions in words. One has to ‘experience’ it!
      How are you all? When are you returning?

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