Blogging starts now.

I have not forgotten about my blog.  In fact, I write in it all the time…in my head.  I have lists of blog posts waiting to be written.  All in good time.  But just what is ‘good time’?  I received this email on August 30th from a very good friend of mine.  So I decided to start by posting what she wrote to me.  I’m hoping it will be the catalyst to my consistent blogging.  That, and the fact that both of my two big kids have been asking that I write…


It’s time for you to post on your blog.  Now, here’s what you DON’T have to do:

* Weave an incredible saga, telling everything that’s happened in the past four months
* Add any pictures
* Tug at our heartstrings, and challenge our faith
All you have to do is write one itsy bitsy, teeny weeny little paragraph, telling about one little thing that happened this week.  Once you do that, I will declare you “officially caught up” on your blog, and all of us – your loyal readers – will choose to consider ourselves fully satisfied.  See, it’s a lot like organizing digital pictures.  I read about book called something like “Organizing Your Digital Life,” and it said that you should come up with a system, use that system for the very next batch of pictures you download to your computer, discipline yourself to us that system EVERY time, and then gradually work from today backwards to get all the already-in-your-computer pictures systematized in the same manner.
Given that concept, I would respectfully ask that you schedule fifteen minutes – say, 9:00-9:15 PM on Thursdays – to write a tiny blog post.  Just start with what’s happening now, and don’t worry that you haven’t told us ANYTHING THAT’S HAPPENED IN THE PASTFOUR MONTHS.  We are all fully aware that your life is frightfully busy and that just living – much less writing about it – it takes a heck of a lot more time than you have.  But let me tell you this.  I have recently unearthed some old journals and stuff the kids wrote many year ago for school, etc., and it’s SO PRECIOUS to be able to look back at it and smile.  Or cry.
So, for the sake of your adoring public, for the sake of your kids, and for the sake of yourself (since you may actually want something amazing to read when your’e 85), set your alarm for 15 minutes and blog a little something!
I hope you realize I said all that in love.  = )  And I really am glad that Blessing is back.
Thank you my dear friend.  Blogging starts now.

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