TTC & Vie Abondante – Part 2

So much accomplished since my last post!  I really wish there was time to post every session – or at least every day.  But there’s not.  So here’s what I’ve got for now.

TTC performing for the students.

More instruction and practice.

Vie Abondante performing Via Delarosa

Learning how to be in ‘slow-motion’.

This is the visit to the Gourmantche village of Oumballa.  We estimate that there were about 200 people there.

The Oumballa choir.  They could teach us a thing or two about dance!

Neal introducing the team.

The crowd watched intently to the Gospel message being presented.

Wonder if any of these young people have ever presented in a place like this…

This lovely mama was thoroughly enjoying herself.

And this beautiful girl – just couldn’t resist taking her picture!

The crowd from the back.

So much more to write and show, but no time at the moment.  I believe that God has truly joined together the hearts of these young people that come from such different walks of life.  But they are all in the same army and working towards the same goal:  Making disciples of all nations.   Please continue to pray for them!

4 thoughts on “TTC & Vie Abondante – Part 2

  1. Yvonne Goodmanson

    What a joy to see the kids,especially like the picture of the Little Zacchaeus in the Tree.Our prayers continue with you.
    Mom & Dad

  2. Lenoir

    WOW! Looks like this team was successful and productive in their venture to Niger! I loved ALL the pictures and it made me
    miss Niger even more! Love y’all and appreciate all you are doing. Thanks for sharing your ministry with us!

  3. Connie Weis

    AWESOME. I wish I was there to see it in person. So excited at the meeting of the young minds. Just imagine the harvest from this sowing of seeds. God is so good.

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