Vie Abondante and TTC Part 3

Wow!   Blogs posted two days in a row.  That might be a record for me.  Things are going great and I’m not needed at the training seminar this afternoon…that’s a good thing!  And besides – me and mime, well lets just say I’ve got other gifts.

Writing this way really goes against my grain.  I prefer to write and edit and complete something from start to finish.  Not just write and upload what I can in the time I have and  post something that is rather rushed and unfinished.  But I know if I was a parent of one of these team members, I would view every word and picture as if it were my food and would prefer to see those pictures while my kid was still there and not when they were sitting at the kitchen table looking at them with me.  So, where did I leave off?  Oh yes, we’re still in the village of Oumballa.

These 2 ladies both had twins, approximately the same age.  Since I don’t speak Gourmantche, I couldn’t get much more info than that.  But this picture doesn’t need words.

They truly are precious in His sight!  This little guy has a chance to follow Jesus from a young age.  Who knows what his testimony will be.  Maybe something like, “I remember when some Americans came to my village and acted out the story of Jesus and His love for me.”  Thank you for giving to the Lord…I am a life that was changed.

Here’s another one…

There were ‘High 5’s’ all around as we got ready to leave.  (after changing a flat tire)

This 29 day old baby’s mother was hearing the Gospel.  Generations could be changed because of it….

Friday morning we took the team shopping and they all bought some African clothes.  Scott will be sporting a dress – stay tuned.

But the exciting event and culmination of all that TTC and Vie Abondante had been working towards began on Friday afternoon.  We were expecting about 100 youth.  So yep, we were pretty shocked when we arrived to this crowd.

I counted 179 but Pastor Zabeiru tells us there were 200.  He should know.  He was taking care of the food.

We opened with dramas.  Vie Abondante performed one of the dramas they learned and I might add that they did it expertly!  Thanks to their teachers.  And to our God!

Here are the 2 teams performing together.

Tobi was thrilled to play the drums during praise and worship.  I was thrilled to watch him.

We have been friends with the Scott and Patty Roberts’ family since 1994 and they have been partners with our ministry since we arrived in 1998.  We’ve been waiting for 13 years for a visit from them to Niger.  So this was a thrill for us.  Here’s Scott and Neal.  Next time, I hope it will be a picture of Patty and me!  No pressure my friend.

When our families first met, Tobi didn’t exist and Josiah – well, I remember visiting Patty when he was nursing.  Sorry Jo, just keepin’it real!

Each one of the team members had an opportunity to preach or teach.  They all did an amazing job and were well received.  This is Taylor breaking it down!

Emily’s turn!

Keagon presented ‘in face’.

Here’s Josiah

And Nichelle.

Time and internet issues are forcing me to stop here.  Needless to say, the journey thus far has been an amazing one, and it is quite incredible to see lives being changed before our very eyes.  Hmmm, maybe I’ll ask each of the team members write me a little ‘blurb’ about what this experience has meant to them….We appreciate your continued prayers!

4 thoughts on “Vie Abondante and TTC Part 3

  1. Lenoir Randle

    Awesome! As much as I love seeing these pictures, you would think my kid was a part of the team!!! However– I do wish I was there!
    Blessings, My Friend!
    Love y’all,

  2. Yvonne Goodmanson

    Brought tears to my eyes to look into the faces of the people.
    “How great are your works O Lord.”
    May God continue to Bless the work of your hands.We love you.
    mom & dad

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