TTC & Vie Abondante Part 4

We’re still at the Niamey youth conference where there were approximately 200 youth in attendance.

Here a few mighty men of valor.


















Here are some members of the V.A. drama team practicing just before they present.


















At the end, there was a very holy time of committing our lives to God and to His purpose for us – to own our responsibility to take the Gospel to the ends of the earth so that all will know the salvation of our God.



































Our pastors were also encouraged to continue in what they have learned.


















Before closing, the TTC prayed for the Vie Abondante team.  Powerful!







































































































The conference closed with some joyous praise – worshiping God together!



















TTC & Vie Abondante Niamey Drama teams

8 thoughts on “TTC & Vie Abondante Part 4

  1. Lenoir

    What a blessing to see some of what took place with this team there! Lots of impartation!
    Niger will never be the same, I’m sure!
    Blessings to all of you-
    Our love
    Joe and Lenoir

  2. Vernessa Crawford

    Beautiful! That is the the best way I can describe what I have seen and read in your blogs these past few days.

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