TTC & Vie Abondante Part 5

Lest one thinks that it was all work and no play (though the work was sometimes like play!), let me set the record straight…

A fair amount of food was consumed.

Team meeting recapping the day – including ‘smile time’.

I believe this was an episode of ‘The Three Stooges’

Grabbing a well deserved mid-afternoon siesta

The fearless leader (aka Patty’s hero), doing more organizing

The girls’ room

The boys’ room

The occupant of the unmade bed shall remain nameless, only because I don’t know which one of the boys slumbers there.

Next Up:  Road trip to Maradi.

One thought on “TTC & Vie Abondante Part 5

  1. Lenoir Randle

    Looks like work combined with lots of fun! And your yummy cooking, Danette! How well I remember!!! Ahhhhhh… What a blessing you and Neal are to so many who come!

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