TTC & Vie Abondante Part 7

On Wednesday morning, we took our team to the Vie Abondante church in the village of Tamroro.  This village has had many seeds planted, and great fruit has come from there.  But there are still so many that need to respond to the Gospel.  The team went ‘in face’.  Here they are right outside the pastor’s house.

On their way to check out the village well.

Any idea how deep that is?

Pretty deep…

Taylor ‘helping’.  We’ll let her think that =)

And Nichelle

The team did some stroll miming to attract a crowd.

It was working.

So much more to show, but no time at the moment.  Getting ready for the road trip back to Niamey tomorrow morning.  These guys have been awesome!

2 thoughts on “TTC & Vie Abondante Part 7

  1. Oh, how my heart aches to see all these places and all your lovely faces again! We are SO thankful for our times with you there and our lives were changed forever.

    My girls and I just talked about it this morning over breakfast when we were reading about God telling Abram to go to Canaan and how he obeyed God without knowing what it would be like.

    Our girls remember obeying God and going to Niger even though they didn’t know what to expect. They both loved the people and the camps. Brianna said the hardest part was the long plane ride. Hailey said it was the trip to Maradi. I think the hardest part is saying Goodbye.

    So glad you’re enjoying your latest guests. I hope they know how blessed they are to be there. I know they will remember it forever! Thanks so much for sharing all those great moments! (Some of my favorite times were just hanging out at YOUR house!)

    1. Kari,
      Miss you much too! What’s up? Any chance you can come for camp this year? This was a great team – very effective. And yes, I believe they felt very blessed to be here. They want to come back. Wish you could too! Love you.

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