Remember Blessing?

It’s been a year since Blessing was discharged from the ‘hospital’ and released from bed rest at home after a serious car accident that broke her pelvis bone.  See past posts for more details on that.

Her return to church was a joyous celebration one year ago.  This past Sunday was another such joyous time.  Alloy and Blessing have 2 cute as a button boys – David and Tim – and have now been blessed with a beautiful daughter.  Today was the baby dedication and here is a 20 second video of her father – announcing her name.

I love the way we dedicate babies in our church – and in most churches here .  After the regular service, all the ladies go out of the church, lining up at the back – kind of like they were getting ready to do the Bunny Hop.  The person who carries the ‘dedicatee’  is either designated by the mother, or is an aggressive person who loves to hold babies and acts like this is her responsibility and everyone else assumes the same — I’m not sure which.   I do know that when Tobi was dedicated over 11 years ago, I chose my friend Hadiza to carry him down the aisle.  I have some adorable pictures of that, but I don’t have time to search through files right now to find them.  Anyway,  we don’t just walk into the church.  We could rival Bunny Hoppers any day as we dance joyfully down the aisle.

Here are all the ladies dancing in front of the church – after dancing down the aisle.  Princess is being held by the lady in the purple dress – in the front of the picture.  I will mention here because the picture doesn’t show it – it’s probably 100 degrees in the church.  Do you see anyone complaining?

After the dancing, Alloy and Blessing were seated in the front row with Princess and Neal gave a short exhortation – he talked about the importance of passing it on to the next generation.  That we have to be next generation minded if the Gospel is going to continue here.

Now this is just sweet!   Princess Favor Chinaza.

The prayer of dedication was prayed, after explaining that we are dedicating Princess to the Lord, but that when she grows, she will have to make her own decision to follow Him.

The parents are also prayed for – that God would give them wisdom and direction in raising this precious child to follow Him.

After praying, Blessing gave an amazing testimony.  She reminded the church of her condition a year before.  She said that when she went to the doctor after finding out she was pregnant, the doctor said that she would have to have a C-Section because of her hips.  She left and said ‘No, I will deliver normal in Jesus name.’.  At 5 months she was examined and was again told that there was no way she could deliver her baby normally.  Surgery would be required.  She again said, “NO”.  I wish you could have heard her sharing this testimony with her English.  It was so powerful.  At the end, she finally said, and I quote, “When the time came to born the baby, I just threw her out in 3 minutes.  It was very easy.”

Testimony time.

As you can imagine (or maybe not), everyone was rejoicing.  She’s a great example of faith in action.  And delivering a baby easy?  In these conditions?  (Again, see previous blog posts).  What a lady!  All I can say is Blessing is a blessing- and God is good!

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