More Campmeeting, but I digress…

I’ve already written about Campmeeting.  It was a great weekend of ministry and fellowship.  But now I feel like writing about my reflections during that time.

We left on Friday morning at 7 for the hopefully 8 or 9 hour journey.  Any longer than that, it means there was an ‘issue’.  Usually either personal vehicle, another vehicle or road related.  And since our last several trips have turned into time/money consuming issues, we were really believing God for the best.  We were holding our breath… Our last roadside experience was a frozen gear differential.  Our 4Runner sat motionless on the road while we played Uno in the bush, waiting for help.   Our Mechanic in shining armor came to our rescue (from 140 miles away, chauffeured by Jonathan, our missionary colleague.  He recognized the problem from Neal’s description and though we thought we were gong to have to be towed (and that experience would be worth it’s own post), he brought the part and tools (well, most of them) needed to fix our vehicle right on the road.  While we all waited.  And even though it was dark when it was finished, it was a much better alternative than Jonathan’s Toyata Prado pulling our Toyota 4Runner over in the dark on a road that one ought not be traveling on at night.  We know.  We’ve done it.

Here are the guys, making the best of it.  It doesn’t even look hot.  Take my word for it, it was! We’re just good at covering it up.

You can see the stranded 4Runner  here.  At least we were by some shade.

No movement at all was the best way to combat the heat.

We were waiting for a few hours, so we had to follow the shade and re-set up camp across the road.  Nothing like a game of ‘BUSH UNO’  to pass the time.

We were pretty thankful with our decision to buy all these hand woven mats from our Fulani friend in Diffa.  Who knew?  If you look closely, you will see a couple of ladies walking by on the road, carrying grass (animal feed) on their heads.

Jonathan arrived with Muritala, our mechanic.  He and Neal had to drive to the next village for a few supplies – gas, plastic bags…Don’t ask me,  I’m not a mechanic.

The work begins.



as the sun begins to set.

Guys return with the ‘stuff’.

It was beautiful, but darkness was upon us!


Here’s the offending part.  The gear differential.  This little thing prevented our vehicle from moving 1 inch.  Reminds me a little bit of some advice given to us in the Book of James – something about a bit and a horse and a ship and rudder…

Darkness indeed came.  But Jonathan had his trusty torchlight and the repair was made.

We left Diffa at 7am and arrived in Maradi at 10pm.  A 9 hour trip morphed into a 15 our trip.  We always say – ‘It could have been worse’.  In spite of the frustrations, there are quite a few benefits we can find if we really look!  If nothing else, it gives me something to write about!

This post started out to be my reflections during camp meeting.  Somehow, it took a turn.  I’ll reflect next time.

2 thoughts on “More Campmeeting, but I digress…

  1. Lenoir Randle

    Loved the pictures and details! Yes! It could have been worse… I always say…there is ALWAYS something to be thankful for.
    Love y’all,
    Joe and Lenoir

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