What a Week!

I intend to write in detail about all that’s been happening on our journey to Benin City, Nigeria, but first I want to briefly recap this past week.  I know.  It’s  rare that I write anything briefly, but I will attempt it here…

Wrote a blog post

Wrote a partner update

Ran 11 miles

Walked 9 miles

Tobi completed a week of school

Finished writing Children’s Ministry Curriculum

Started and finished writing Youth Ministry Curriculum

Started and finished Curriculum handout

Did some laundry (by hand)

Listened to Neal preach in Faith Arena, his childhood church

Attended Bible School classes with Neal – greeted Hausa students

Listened to Tobi greet the Hausa class – in Hausa

Listened to Neal preach the chapel in the Bible School

Attend and greet evening class students

Greeted students in chapel – introduced and showed ministry video

Attended Faith Arena evening service

Spent time with old friends

Made new friends

Toured Faith Medi-Plex hospital

Ate African fast food

Went shopping – veggies, fruit, red pepper, wood carvings, silver, African clothes

Planned no meals

Ate 3 great meals/day that someone else cooked

Watched several episodes of Prison Break

Sweated buckets (this desert dweller hasn’t adjusted yet to the tropics)

And that was just this past week!

God is so good to us.  Not sure how else to express it.

More pics and details coming soon.

One thought on “What a Week!

  1. Lenoir Randle

    Wow! What did you do in your spare time!! Lol. Y’all are busy, productive troopers doing an awesome work for God. We love you and pray for continued strength and stamina for you all. God IS good! Hugs to all.
    Joe and Lenoir

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