Missionary Journey to Nigeria Part 5 – More ‘What’.

Our time here continues to be amazing.  On our 2nd Sunday here Neal was invited to preach in Faith Arena.  What an incredible privilege that was.  Yet another dream come true.  And if anyone thinks church isn’t fun – think again.


The choir was amazing – and also fun for Neal to see as he used to be a member of that very choir.  Even saw some of his choir friends – still singing.  The choir is on the right.


Neal began by greeting the people in Pidgin English.  The people came unglued – to see this big white guy speaking like that…

For those who would like to hear a white guy speaking Pidgin…here’s a video.  It’s about 1 minute long.  He starts out by saying “I just dey happy for my belly oh.” He’s greeting people in the choir, talking about how he’s grown (I now get body), and at the end says “I got married I get wife now oh.”  That’s me. =)

One thing I noticed while taking pictures of Neal preaching is that he’s always in motion.  Hard to get a clear shot!  Here’s a few.






Video screens and lots of fans.


Tobi seriously enjoying the service.


We were so impressed with the service and how so many people were involved it.  From announcements to worship everything flowed.  And after the service, so many greetings.

This is Brother Henry.  He was the choir leader when Neal was in the choir.


This is Abies Garuba, a good friend of Neal’s Mom.  She was so happy to see Neal.


Rev. Okhuoya and Rev. Akioya.  What a joy!


More friends.  Everyone wanting pictures!



Everyone was asking about Neal’s parents – Ron & Jerry Childs.  They left a mark that could be seen and heard.  And so many commented on how much Tobi was like his Grandpa.



This lady we remember from the last time we were here and she came to greet us.


It was a great, memorable and fruitful Sunday.  We’re continually amazed and God’s favor and blessing on us.

It wasn’t all about being in church and bible school though.  We had some time around the house getting to know some the other guests and the staff here.   Here Neal is chatting with Haruna – one of the staff members at the house.  He’s from the North and speaks Hausa, so that was fun.


Each Saturday Tobi played soccer with his new bro’s Osasu and Osagie and some of the other guys around the house.



Tobi and Osasu



Tobi and Osagie




We’ve also had opportunity to visit friends.  This man, Rev. Dr. Omobude is a long time family friend and now President of PFN – the Pentecostal Fellowship of Nigeria.


Such a gracious man and even though he was obviously very busy,  had an office packed with people waiting to see him and was traveling to the U.S. the following day, he made time to visit with us.  Years ago Neal was assigned to his church and did some of his first preaching there.


Before we left he gave us this incredible gift basket.  Again – blessed!


Another blessing was rain.  Beautiful rain.  Something we haven’t seen in months.  In case you’ve forgotten, we live in the desert.  So when we heard thunder, then the smell of rain, we of course stopped everything and ran outside to see it.  And feel it.  Gotta say I’m loving the tropics!  This was our Valentines Day.



We’re feeling pretty blessed!


Next entry will be about our amazing weekend to the ‘bush’.

3 thoughts on “Missionary Journey to Nigeria Part 5 – More ‘What’.

  1. Lenoir Randle

    You ARE blessed and deserve every blessing! What a joy for you and the people for you to be there and what an incredible church. From facial expressions, everyone is loving every minute of it! Such memories from the past and now more memories made! Looking forward to the stories from the bush.
    Joe and Lenoir

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