About Me

This is a journal about my life as a missionary, reaching the unreached in the Republic of Niger. I have lived here with my family since July, 1998. My husband Neal and I were married on June 24th, 1989. We are both graduates of Oral Roberts University in Tulsa, Oklahoma and Agape School of World Evangelism in Little Rock, Arkansas.

We have 3 great kids!

  • Trae – October 11, 1991
  • Tanika – August 7, 1992
  • Tobi – March 8, 2000

Our passion is take the Gospel of Jesus Christ to those who have never heard!

20 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Dianne Pedersen

    Love the blog site. Love your journaling. It gives such great insight for us. You are such a great writer! Keep it up!! We are praying for you everyday!! We look forward to hearing more of the great things the Lord is doing through your whole family. God Bless You!! Love, Dianne

  2. LeAnne Langley

    I love the site Danette! As I read your blog, it feels as though we are sitting at the kitchen table with a plate of our warm chocolate chip cookies between us while we have a chat about what is on our hearts. It seems you are next door and not on another continent! I am anxious to share “cookies” with you reguarly!

  3. viki dunn

    I met you and your lovely family on your last home visit. I am a member of Southside Church and want you to know that our prayers are with you, Neal and the rest of your family. I love the blog and would love to be added to your list.
    Keep up the wonderful work of our Lord and may he bless and keep you safe in his glory.

  4. Carolyn Pollock

    Hi Danette,
    Your Mom-in-law mentioned your blog in her email. We attend an Elim church that supports Ron & Gerry, and it’s always a highlight when they’re on furlough visiting and speaking. We purchased a party house in the next village to where we were in western NY, and after lots of renovations, moved in just before Christmas. We are now known as Celebrate – Family Church. My husband and I both ar MK’s – he grew up in the Sudan, then Ethiopia, and I grew up in Egypt. So it feels like home reading your blog. I can so identify with the importance of community, the prayer mat story, the “not fitting in” when you are on furlough that your daughter has experienced, etc. Keep up the great work. Maybe one of these years we’ll meet you also, but I don’t think our church supports you directly. Carolyn Pollock

  5. Ann Haltenberger

    Dear Danette,
    I am enjoying the blog site even more than the journal you shared by e-mail from Diffa — and I thought that was terrific. Those notes from your heart made me feel like your best friend! When your family visited our church last year I hoped I wasn’t coming on too strong, but I felt knew you all so well. If you have an opportunity please post some pictures of the family and the people you write about. I’ll probably fall in love with them too.
    You make the world smaller and more connected with your writing gift — you give us a more God-like perspective.
    Your “pal”, Ann

  6. Skip Vogel

    Danette…and family, thanks for the updated blog about the ministry in Niger. The next best thing to being there myself is reading about your times there. I can visualize many things as you write….and I love it. Wonderful memories of you and the ministry. Keep up the GOOD work. Keeping you, always, in my love and prayers. Skip

  7. Joe Scott

    I am a 1957 graduate of Lawton High School in Lawton, Oklahoma. I remember the Sasser family name and found you through the LHS News. I am very interested in your efforts in Niger since I will probably be visiting the country sometime this year. I volunteer with Operation Blessing International
    (Pat Robinson/ Christian Broadcast Network) as a water assessment technician. I have been working in Peru and Mexico but we plan to expand our efforts in Africa with Niger as a primary effort. While I have been involved with the water purification side of the effort, I will be attending a water well drilling school in late July then hopefully to Niger with a well drilling crew from Oklahoma. There is some talk that we may be given a drilling rig which will certainly help our efforts. I am also investigating the use of solar panels and submersible pumps to reach deep water strata for a sustainable, very low maintenance water supply. Even though it is a little late in life my passion for clean drinking water for all burns within my heart and I have promised God I will do his bidding as long as he sees a need for my services. I will certainly pray for your ministry and hope we will have time to share sometime in the future. God’s Blessings my Brothers and Sisters, Joe Scott

    1. Hi Joe,

      Thanks for your note. That’s great news to hear that OB/CBN will be doing water projects here in Niger. You found my blog I think through my in-laws, Ron & Jerry Childs (Jerry being the former Sasser). It’s been a great blessing to be able to work on the mission field alongside family. When you come to Niger, I’m sure it is Niamey you will fly to. That’s where we are living. Though our family will be in the States this year – July – Jan, the ‘elder’ Childs will be around except for Oct and 1/2 of November. You should keep in touch and maybe some of us will be able to connect when you are here. Thanks so much for your prayers for our ministry. We appreciate it very much. Hope all goes well during your well-drilling school. Niger is a great place to minister – there are countless opportunities. Have a great day! Blessings, Danette & Neal Childs

  8. Dannette, How exciting to see our name in a blog, i’ve never been in a blog before!

    Lot’s of progress at the new church this week! Walls studded in, electrical finishing up and sheetrock starting in today. Looks amazing.

    I got my dining table leaf rigged for 8 chairs and you cannot tell at all with the cloth on. i am going to find more pumpkins today to make big batch of soup. Love, Donna

  9. janey scott

    I forward your emails to Sarah so we can share your world.
    Thanks for taking the time to write in your journal. Give Ron and Jerry a hug for me.
    Love, Janey

  10. morealtitude

    Lovely hanging out with you guys the last couple of weeks- thanks for your welcome & sharing family time. I look forward to following along & watching your stories unfold. Keep in touch. :o)

  11. Danette
    Thank you for this blog as I agree with most of the others that it helps us to pray more effectively for you all.
    Please continue to write. You are a talented writer, and great story-teller. your writings will need to be published some day. So keep up the good work.

  12. Lieve Vander Plaetse

    Dear Danette,

    I loved reading about your amazing trip to Nigeria. I lived for 3 years in Abuja and your portraying of the wonderful God fearing Nigerians was so accurate and lively.
    But I also wanted to tell you that today I saw you in a red car (I reconized Tobi who was at the back with another boy- what a surprise!) and we were queuing at the border Lesotho- SA.
    I was hoping that you would also cross the border and thus I could greet you whilst stamping passports but eventually you turned around and didn’t cross the border. It has been 5 years since we were together in the ladies bible study group in Niamey- In case you are still around in Lesotho.. most welcome. After 3 years in Maseru, we moved to Ladybrand, just across the border.
    Lots of love,

    Lieve Vander Plaetse

  13. Gary Moehring

    I am so glad I found this website! I lived with Ron and Jerry for a time around 1985. I did some traveling with Ron and Andrew and Jenny Daniels! It was one of the greatest experiences of my life. I was there with Pastor Rick and Donna Shelton. We went to a crusade with them in Warri. After everyone from the team left I got to stay on at the compound for an extended stay with Ron and Jerry. I spent a lot of time with them and Andrew and Jenny! Please tell them all Hello and God Bless them all! I will be praying for them and would like to support their Ministries financially. I spent a little time with Rev. Doctor Benson Idahosa and His family at Their Home ” as well. God Bless everyone! Hope to come back some day soon! I still have the pictures that we took while I was there and would like to share them with everyone. The church was still under construction when I was there. I went to the dedication ceremony. I have pictures of that as well!

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