That Got Me Thinking…With God

Last night Neal and I got dressed up (African style) and went out. We looked pretty good! On the way to our destination, I commented that it was kind of like we were on a date.  It was a date. A date with about 3000 other Nigeriennes.  It was an evangelistic meeting with a ministry from Burkina Faso, and was organized in conjunction with the churches in Niger.  Here’s just a small part of the crowd.

IMG_2264 3

Many that came were Christians, many were Muslims, and many came out of curiosity.


It wasn’t really possible to get a full crowd shot without rushing up on the platform, and as tempted as I was to do that, it may have gotten me arrested – or at least tackled.


We arrived to our very own Pastor Nelson leading the praise – as only he can do.  And they had those speakers turned up loud.  I should know because we were sitting right in front of them.  After all the preliminary stuff and announcements, the Evangelist arrived.  First came the military escort vehicle, and then his vehicle.  All of the military police surrounded him as he walked to the front row and took his place.  He’s the man in the suit.

IMG_2245 2

What you may not see are all of the ‘bodyguards’.  Here’s a better shot.

IMG_2243 2

We were fortunate to sit on the front row so had a birds eye view.  Well, maybe not birds eye, but we had a view.  It was almost fascinating to watch these soldiers fan out in formation as the man of God arrived.  This guy and his ‘gear’ was standing about 6 feet in front of me.


Now it’s pretty standard protocol that you never take pictures of police, military or government buildings. That’s seriously frowned on around here. So even though seeing the military police is pretty par for the course for us- as we see them around the city most days, I don’t have many pictures of them. (I’ve sneaked a few here and there but that’s a secret). Here, however, everyone had cameras, so I decided to join in the fun and snap away.


The preaching was being done in 3 languages, unfortunately none of the languages we speak.  So we asked our trusty friend and master interpreter, Habibu, to sit with us and help us out.  Anyone who know’s Habibu, knows that he’s always happy to help out. Clearly.


However, when the entourage arrived, Habibu looked anything but pleased.  There was even some eye rolling going on.  Then he started counting all of the soldiers out loud.  And pointing.  We had to tell him to stop pointing.  He thought it was serious overkill.

That got me thinking….I’m watching everything going on. All of our senses are involved.  It was hot, dusty, very loud and lots of interesting stuff to look at.  The only thing missing was taste.  But then I realized the dust in the air we were breathing had that covered too.

I understood where Habibu was coming from.  In our ministry, we sort of frown on big titles and positions that make one’s chest expand.  So he could not understand why the man of God needed all this protection.

And I was still thinking.  Here we are in Niger.  A nation where the vast majority of the people claim Islam as their religion.   And here they were. PROTECTING a Christian event.  An event where hundreds were giving their lives to Christ!  I can almost guarantee that every one of those soldiers was Muslim.  But they were committed to protect the man of God, and really, all those attending.  And they themselves, as ‘soldier like’ as they remained, were also hearing the Gospel.  There is no way they could turn off their ears.  I wasn’t kidding when I said it was loud.

Earlier today I was reading in Mark about the camel and the needle and things being impossible.  The disciples asked a question.  “How then can anyone be saved?”  Jesus replies, “With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible.”

With God.

People are being saved in a place that once looked impossible for Salvation to penetrate. These are Muslim ladies rushing to the front for salvation.

With God.


The government, in a nation that espouses everything Islam, is protecting massive evangelistic campaigns.

With God.

Hundreds ran to the front to receive Jesus.  I saw it with my eyes.

With God.


It’s an amazing time to be in Niger.  We have been here for 20 years and have had the privilege to see the growth.  To see the Gospel expand.  To see the local church rise up in authority and boldness, breaking down denominational barriers.

With God.

When we arrived in 1998, we were told that there were probably about 3000 Christians.  Today, there are several hundred thousand of us.

With God.

And those were the thoughts I was having last night as I proudly watched ‘The Church’ in Niger very successfully host a mass evangelistic campaign.

The best is yet to come.

With God.

PS.  If you’d like to see a video of people rushing to the front for salvation, check out my Facebook page – Danette Goodmanson Childs

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TTC & Vie Abondante Part 9

Thursday was much the same as Wednesday.  The team went to the village of Kwadarawa and had a great time of ministry.  The difference is the heat.  Niger is returning to it’s normal state during hot season.  Still not as hot as it could be, but it’s getting there.  Everyone is coping well.  There are a few sniffles – it’s extremely dusty.  Hard really to describe what the dust is like.

Back on the homefront.  Which at the moment is the SIM mission guesthouse.  Our food is being provided by some Niger ladies who started a catering business called Circle of Hope.  It’s been a huge blessing to have our food not only prepared but delievered right to our table.

Then there’s cleanup.  Girls day.

Guy’s turn.


Then there was the lizard.  Gecko to be exact.  He was in the girls room.  Poor guy.  He was just doing his job, eating the other critters.  But Taylor was not appreciating him at all.  And she was doing that loudly.  Josiah and Keagon to the rescue.  Ok, Nichelle was trying to help too.

I told Jo to just grab him right as I realized that if he did that, the tail would remain in his hand while the rest of him runs away.  That’s what happened here – the tail is wriggling on the floor.

But check out where we find Taylor…  Josiah and Keagon have had victory and they are taking Mr. Geico outside.

March 14 was a big day for a reason other than the workshops.  It was Scott’s birthday.  We didn’t realize it til the end of the day.  But the next day, the team presented him with a birthday drama, sort of.  And a birthday bagel cake.  Again, sort of.  Here’s Scott with his ‘cake’.   Matches are posing as candles.

As stated before, this is a great group of young people.  They truly are spending themselves on behalf of the people of Niger.  The schedule is pretty intense.  Their diligence is producing fruit.  During the afternoon session it was again Keagon’s turn to do the Bible study (your’s truly was also being stretched as I was the only one available to interpret at the time).

We then had the V.A. team members give testimonies of what this training has meant to them.  What an encouraging time!  The theme throughout all the testimonies went something like this:

“When I first saw them do the drama, I didn’t think it was something we’d be able to do.  Then they started teaching us and we can do it!”

“I have really learned that this is a great way to share the Gospel.  I’m going to go back to my village and show the people the crucifixion and resurrection.”

“I used to think it took money to evangelize.  But I realize I can just walk somewhere and do this drama whether I have any money or not.”

There were so many amazing testimonies that were shared and the session finished with a bang!

That brings us to today.  This morning found everyone quite weary, but they began strengthening themselves and each other in the Lord.

Today is the beginning of the youth conference.  The youth will be coming in from villages all around this region.  TTC and Vie Abondante teams will be presenting lots of dramas and the Word will be preached.  The youth are on fire for the Lord right now and we believe that now is their time!

This morning the teams were putting final touches on the drama titled ‘GO’!

And GO-ing is exactly what they will be doing.  Taking the Gospel to their generation and the next.

Home Again / Baptism

It’s always good to get away – and it’s always good to get home.  We arrived home from our trip to Benin Republic yesterday (Monday) at about 4:30pm.  Though we were met with extreme heat, we welcomed the dryness.  Benin is HUMID!  We had a fantastic trip – I will write more about it in the days ahead.  I don’t want to forget any of it!

We unpacked and visited with Mom and Dad, giving them the low-down on the trip.  By-the-way, today is Mom’s (my mother-in -law’s) bday – Happy Birthday!  The kids crashed early, as we were all thankful to be back in our own beds. 

 Not wanting to waste any time getting into the swing of life, we were up at 6:15, kids were off to school, and I was off to my 8am class. (All the while finding it difficult to believe that only 3 days ago I was playing in the Atlantic).   It was good to be back with the students.  Sadly, 3 of them didn’t come back last week.  We are still trying to figure out their individual reasons.  One of them was a younger guy (Ibrahim), and we weren’t sure of his committment.  This is about the time of the year that those who are coming for a free ride (3 meals a day) and not to be discipled, start to fall away.  We are particularly disappointed that Zaku didn’t come back.  He is an excellent student and a sharp guy with lots of potential.  Sometimes the persecution gets to be more than they can take.  We heard that Ibrahim didn’t even go back to his village because he said his dad would be upset with him (for going to Bible School in the first place).  So we’re not sure where he is.  I’m so thankful that Sido is still with us.  Keep praying for him – and for all the students. 

I asked if there were testimonies anyone wanted to share – since I’d been gone a week.  Aishatu, one of our pastor’s wives stood up and testified that she witnessed to 2 women over Easter weekend.  They said that when she was talking about Jesus they could see him standing behind her.  They weren’t ready to receive.  She visited again, and again, the women could see Jesus.  They came to church on Sunday.  One of the women received Christ, the other one said she wanted to, but wasn’t ready just yet.  Wow!  This is what we’re here for! 

 This past week, Bible School students Sido and Soumana went with Alio, an Evangelist and one of our Bible School teachers, to Karma.  Karma is a village that we are ‘spying out’.  We want to plant a church there.  Neal has visited and talked to the leaders to get their ‘ok’.  We don’t need it officially, but things go better if we can get it.  They witnessed and spent the night in the village.  I think what they said is that 2 people received Jesus!  This is great – and a great start for a church!  Open doors!  We have a pastor ready to put in Karma.  Again, the reason we’re here.  Jesus’ words in John (“My meat is to do the work of my Father”) become more and more real to me as we find our strength in doing what He’s called us to do. 

As soon as classes were over today, we had a water baptism in the Niger River.  There were several students (Sido was one of them!) that hadn’t been water baptised, as well as some church members.  Baptisms are one of my favorite things.  It is such a public display of committment to Christ.  It’s done right out there in the open – the river is a very public and busy place.   People are washing their clothes, getting water for their nearby farms, and many are just sitting around enjoying the ‘coolness’ (this is relative) of being near the river.   Neal & Pastor Moctar entered the water first as one-by-one the candidates walked in to declare to all those around them that they belong to Jesus!  It was powerful and there was much rejoicing.  In fact after all were baptized, they didn’t want to stop singing and praising God!  I wish everyone could experience this…I’m getting bold and attempting to include a slidshow with this post.  I would like to hear if it works…

After the baptism, Neal had his monthly meeting with this region’s pastors.  In fact he is still there now. 

Things are moving forward in Niger – Jesus is Lord!