Things I’ve learned

April 2011

If I eat with my reading glasses on (yes, I’m using reading glasses now), my food looks bigger.  That’s a good thing.

March 2011

Reginald Heber (1783-1826) wrote the hymn ‘Holy, Holy, Holy’ when he was a boy – for a poetry contest at school.  He won first place.

April 2010

It is not possible to accurately adjust your rear-view mirror while driving on pot hole infested roads.

It’s been far too long since I’ve learned anything.

October 2008

Available for purchase in one of the ‘finer’ grocery stores in Niamey is a 3.5 oz package of black fungus at the bargain price of $4.50.  What I haven’t learned yet is why anyone would purchase fungus – just come to my house, I’m sure I could find some somewhere!  And what is it used for anyway?

July 2008

Attempting to apply lipstick while traveling on any road in Niger is unwise.

APRIL 2008

It’s not wise to hang a vinyl shower curtain liner (a rather expensive JCPenney liner that has perfect matching colors for a particular bathroom) over a clothesline during hot season. It will melt to itself rendering it completely unusable except for a drop cloth – after you cut it off the clothesline. I know this from personal experience.

Cucumbers in Niger (or I suppose anywhere) can be bitter. I learned the following from a friend. Cut unpeeled cucumber in half. Rub the two halves together. As you are rubbing using a kind of twisting motion, a white slimy stuff comes out. Rinse and proceed as desired. Since doing this, we have had no bitter cucumbers. I haven’t yet learned if the slime only comes out if bitterness exists because I have now adopted this procedure for all of my cucumber preparation.

Fresh cabbage that has been chopped and is then used the following day can be very bitter – not edible.

47% humidity isn’t very humid…unless you are used to a steady diet of an average 8% humidity – which then makes 47% feel like you are living in a 110 degree steam room .

A third culture kid is not readily familiar with the term ‘Howdy’. Tobi read it in a book today and had to ask me what it meant.

When fuel is $6.64/gallon, it takes approximately 7 seconds to put $12.50 worth in my gas tank.

Brownie mix is now available in Niamey for $10.13 for the 8″ pan size.

We had a dinner discussion as to how many hairs an average head after being amazed that Jesus knows how many we each have. Tanika’s guess was closest, at 200,000. The answers vary, based on hair color (natural, of course), but average between 100,000 – 150,000. Blonde has the most, then brown, black and red. But I’ll bet Tanika has 200,000 hairs!

‘Foment’ means ‘to incite’. Even though I’ve read through the Bible several times, Until today I’d never noticed this word in Isaiah 59:13. When I noticed it today I thought maybe it was a typo…until I looked it up. The Israelites fomented oppression and revolt because of their sin and disobedience.

2 thoughts on “Things I’ve learned

  1. Debby Stanke

    Here we go again, I’m being amazed at your knowledge and writing skills. You could start a talk show staring Tobi as literalism stand up, you could do cooking demo’s and tips, along with a full Bible study! LOL! I just enjoy everything you write! Your writings are a lift me up, make me think and be thankful, and just plain wonderful! Keep it up!

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